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Divorce is rarely easy. When spouses have connections with more than one country, it can get even more complicated. Factors like dual nationality and overseas relocation often lead to conflicting jurisdictions. These intricacies should be addressed by skilled international divorce lawyers.

If international dimensions are a feature of your divorce, it’s important to receive reliable legal guidance as soon as possible. Not doing so might mean that your case is heard in a country that puts you at a disadvantage. Therefore, acting decisively is often the surest way to secure the right result.

Lowry Legal’s expert team has the experience to simplify this challenging situation and work towards a positive outcome.

How Lowry Legal can Help


When you work with Lowry Legal’s international divorce solicitors, our first priority will be to establish the most favourable jurisdiction for your case. This is a fundamental step that will help to secure the best outcome for you.


If the divorce is taking place in the UK, we’ll submit your application. If your spouse is living abroad, we’ll serve divorce documents according to the laws of that country. Timing is essential at this stage, so we’ll work efficiently to give you a better chance of a favourable jurisdiction.


We’ll help you to address complex factors such as overseas tax matters and business interests. This means we can use forensic accountants to uncover hidden assets where necessary. At this stage, if practical, we can prioritise mediation and collaboration, as this is often the quickest, least stressful, way to secure a positive outcome.


We can collaborate with other international divorce lawyers if there are concerns over enforcing financial settlements, child arrangements, child abduction and relocation, and any other issue related to overseas jurisdictions.

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    How Lowry Legal’s International Divorce Lawyers Approach Your Case

    When divorce has an international dimension, it’s important to use a legal firm that can cut through complexity and find solutions. Lowry Legal’s experienced team has built a reputation for offering sensitive representation in cases involving significant wealth. We understand how to address conflicting jurisdictions and can use these insights to help you reach a positive outcome.

    Our default approach is to make your journey as collaborative as possible. This is often the best way to achieve a mutually satisfactory resolution within a reasonable timescale. However, if this is impractical, our international divorce lawyers will defend your interests robustly in order to achieve the right result.


    Our Values

    If your divorce involves complicated overseas jurisdictions, you’ll need to work with international divorce lawyers that can offer reliable representation. Lowry Legal’s specialist team is guided at all times by our three core values. Those values are:



    Our international divorce solicitors understand the value of clear, uncluttered communication. We want you to fully understand your situation, so avoid jargon at all times.



    Overseas jurisdictions might require help from external sources. Our international divorce lawyers can bring in other specialisms where needed as part of our 360 degree service.


    People First

    Lowry Legal’s international divorce solicitors are equipped to handle your case with sensitivity. Although results are important to us, we also know that your interests come first.


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    Whatever your circumstances, Lowry Legal’s international divorce lawyers have the experience to help. Find out more about where we’ve come from and what we can do for you.

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