Divorce in Spain

Divorce in Spain can be extremely challenging for expats, as each region could have its own variation on the wider national law. Finding the best way forward is where Lowry Legal excels.

The Complexities of Divorce in Spain

Despite being home to a common law that largely dictates how separation is approached, divorce in Spain is complicated by conflicting regional legislation. These separate ‘regimes’ are unique to the country’s autonomous communities, which include the likes of Catalonia, Valencia, and Galicia. This means that, before proceedings begin, you will need to understand which laws will apply to you and the impact they could have.

Aside from far-ranging regional exceptions, divorce in Spain also has an overarching Civil Code and distinct marital regimes such as the ‘matrimonial property regime’, and the ‘community of property regime’. These layers of complexity mean that some expats might be better off separating ‘back home’. However, this is likely to raise further questions concerning which jurisdiction is most favourable — if you have the luxury of choice.

All of these variables mean that, if you are going through separation, every decision you make has the potential for serious consequences. Lowry Legal’s ability to give initial advice about divorce in Spain could be instrumental in ensuring that you receive the right guidance at the right time for a more favourable outcome.

How Lowry Legal can Help


Depending upon which part of the country you have been residing, we will assess the potential outcomes of divorce in Spain when comparing it with England and Wales — if this is an option. The implications of this decision are extensive and will shape the entire process and outcome. If necessary we will enlist the services of a local lawyer in Spain to assist in your early decision making.


If the divorce is filed in the UK instead, we’ll submit an application on your behalf and take the case forward.


Expats sometimes have a comprehensive portfolio of assets and/or multi-faceted tax obligations. If necessary, we can appoint skilled third party specialists such as international accountants, or tax experts, to ensure that your best interests are served at all times.


Child arrangements are sure to be one of your most crucial concerns. We will do everything possible to ensure that any decisions made are to your advantage. If your spouse has taken children abroad without your consent, we can take steps to ensure that they are returned safely.

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Divorce in Spain Simplified by Lowry Legal

If you’re contemplating a divorce in Spain, it’s important to work with a law firm that understands the challenges and can simplify your options, working alongside local lawyers Lowry Legal excels at offering detailed guidance for complex dynamics, including factors such as overseas property and businesses, and child relocation. We’ll address all of your biggest questions and concerns, clearing a path towards your primary objectives.

Once we’ve established the most suitable strategy for you, our main aim will be to find solutions as quickly and easily as is practical. Collaboration is a fundamental part of our approach, as it can take the sting out of any lingering hostilities and provide a neutral foundation for both spouses to build on over time. Ultimately, everything we do is designed to make your situation easier, while putting you in an ideal position to secure what matters most.

Our Values

If you separate in Spain, it’s essential to work with a reputable law firm. Our reputation is founded on a host of fundamental principles. Here are a small selection:



At times, divorce in Spain can seem difficult to navigate. We want you to come away from our consultations with a better understanding of your options. To achieve this, we’ll talk in simple terms.



We provide a comprehensive service that can address every eventuality. This means that all aspects of your cases can be dealt with in collaboration with other experts to simplify the whole process.


People First

There are not always hard and fast rules for divorce in Spain — your circumstances are completely unique to you. This informs our desire to treat you as an individual and build around your goals. 

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