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Simplify Divorce With Family Mediation Lawyers

Dealing with separation often leads to conflict between spouses. When significant wealth and high value assets are a feature, reaching an understanding over finances, children, and living arrangements can be stressful and time-consuming. If you’re struggling to break the deadlock, our specialist family mediation solicitors can help.

Mediation is an increasingly common form of dispute resolution. Trained mediators aim to facilitate a collaborative atmosphere that can prove to be more effective, relaxed, and productive in the long-term. In general, the informality of the setting offers a more conducive environment that can remove the expense and anxiety of the courts.

A leading law firm with a holistic approach, Lowry Legal’s talented dispute resolution lawyers promise a more productive and timely approach to your separation.

How Lowry Legal can Help


Lowry Legal’s might encourage you to complete an information form to provide some general details and an outline of what you wish to discuss.


The first meeting, the Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAMS), is a private discussion where you can learn about family mediation and alternatives to the courts. Here you can share your goals and concerns. The mediator will explain mediation options, and both parties are invited for confidential MIAMS to determine if mediation is suitable.


Each party will sign a Mediation Agreement before the first joint session. Your mediator will give you an estimate on approximate sessions depending on the issues you need to discuss.


If you have financial matters to resolve, you will discuss what you should provide by way of full disclosure and how and when this should take place. Where there are child arrangements to discuss you will have the opportunity to discuss their care. You may wish to enter into a co-parenting agreement to set out what you have agreed.


You will have the opportunity to discuss openly and confidentially what options you wish to explore. Your mediator will help you both to discuss options and other possibilities. They will provide you with legal information and the parameters of the law, whilst remaining impartial and not providing legal advice.


When you have reached an agreement, all parties will sign a memorandum of understanding/ and or co parenting agreement. You will be encouraged to seek independent legal advice on the terms, and you can share the agreement with your respective solicitors. Should you wish to formalise the paperwork, the mediator can draft a consent order but cannot finalise or sign off. This will need to be done by you or your solicitor (if using one).

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    Lowry Legal’s Dispute Resolution Lawyers Can Simplify Your Divorce

    The end of a marriage or civil partnership can quickly lead to hostility between spouses. Lowry Legal’s dispute resolution lawyers look to avoid the blame game, preferring instead to focus upon a more constructive strategy. A 360 degree firm, we explore all avenues when representing your case.

    Our talented team has an impressive record for helping high profile clients to protect their wealth and assets, while helping others to attain a fair share of the matrimonial pot. Lowry is committed to defending your interests, however necessary. While we will always try to achieve an amicable resolution, we can pursue a positive outcome through the courts if necessary.


    Our Values

    Lowry Legal’s dispute resolution lawyers and mediation solicitors aim to offer the highest possible standards. To ensure a favourable resolution, we work within the principles that have helped to establish our reputation. These values are:



    Our family mediation solicitors will aim to simplify your case by using clear language and direct communication. We don’t use complex legal jargon and encourage openness.



    We can rely upon assistance from external specialists where suitable. Our family mediation lawyers can work solely, or with mediators skilled in coaching, therapy, and more, when required.


    People First

    You’re much more than just another case number to Lowry Legal’s expert dispute resolution team. We’ll consider every angle to make sure that our strategy is tailored to your circumstances.


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    Whatever your circumstances, Lowry Legal’s family mediation lawyers have the experience to help. Find out more about where we’ve come from and what we can do for you.

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