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As specialists in dealing with complex and high-value family law matters, there’s nothing we haven’t seen. From start to finish, we will work hard to deliver the right results.

Practice Areas

Family law matters can often be multi-faceted, so you need to work with a specialist lawyer that can handle it all. The Lowry Legal team has decades of experience in dealing with even the most complicated of scenarios. Here are just some of our specialities:

Divorce & Separation

By working with us on your divorce matters, no matter the circumstances, you can ensure that your journey will be as smooth as possible. No jargon, just clear advice and guidance whenever you need it.

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There are many ways to reach an amicable solution regarding finances. Our team will guide you through your options and dispel any fears you may have. Even if court action is necessary, we will robustly defend your corner.

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Pre & Post-Nuptials

Getting married is an extremely exciting time. Just like you would with a house, having the right insurance in place can help you protect your future finances. Our experienced team can assist with the drafting of an agreement that safeguards your best interests.

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Cohabitation Agreements

The absence of a watertight cohabitation agreement could put future finances at risk. Whether you need help drafting a new document or want to amend an existing one, we’re ready to help.

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Child Arrangements

Whenever there is a breakdown that involves a family unit, everything needs to be handled as sensitively as possible. Our team can help you come to an amicable solution, or will guide you through the court process if needs be.

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Surrogacy can be an extremely tricky area of law. Our experienced solicitors have earned an impressive track record for guiding clients through the complex application process prior to assuming legal parentage of their child.

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Cohabitation Disputes

Cohabitation has become increasingly popular in recent years. However, many couples don’t realise that cohabiting could leave them without any legal protection. We can help to resolve even the most complex disputes.

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Child Abduction

You don’t need us to tell you that child abduction cases need to be handled with care and require immediate and decisive action. Our legal team specialises in child abduction matters and will work tirelessly to protect the best interests of your child.

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Mediation & Dispute Resolution

Conflicts can be inevitable. When one does arise, finding a peaceful and amicable resolution is crucial. Our mediation experts can help you navigate a dispute in order to reach an agreement that works for all parties.

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About Us

Family law matters can be incredibly complex, especially if there are businesses, family trusts, international elements or children involved. In these cases, you need a specialist family law expert that can handle all of this and more. You need to work with Lowry Legal.

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A 360 Degree Service

Modern life can be hectic at times, especially if you’re dealing with a stressful situation that needs legal advice. That’s why Lowry Legal will fit our services around your schedule. We’re proud to offer video consultations as standard, while we also serve the entirety of England and Wales. This means you can rely on us, wherever you are.

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