Expatriate Divorce

If separating in England and Wales is just one of your available options, it’s crucial that you make an informed decision. Lowry Legal can simplify the complexities of expatriate divorce, offering lasting solutions for British families who live abroad, and those who have connections to the UK.

Why is Expatriate Divorce so Complex?

Getting divorced in a country that you have come to call home can feel daunting. Expatriate divorce often leads to complex questions that, for many couples, might not appear to have an easy answer. For instance, will your separation need to take place in your adopted home? How does the country in which you currently reside approach child and financial arrangements? Will your prenuptial agreement be recognised there?

It’s easy to see why, as an expat, the need for astute legal guidance tailored to your specific circumstances quickly takes on sizeable importance.

Lowry Legal understands that the key to approaching expatriate divorce usually comes down to the most suitable jurisdiction. We can help determine which legal system is best suited to your main objectives; be they the welfare of children, protection of assets, or financial contributions. Our skilled team excels at unravelling complexities, finding solutions, and ensuring that everything is in place to secure a more favourable outcome, whilst working with experts in jurisdictions all around the world.

How Lowry Legal can Help


When you work with Lowry Legal’s expatriate divorce solicitors, we’ll talk about your circumstances to determine the best course of action to attain your goals. We work with lawyers all over the world to find the best jurisdiction for your divorce from the outset. If England and Wales is seen as being optimal for your divorce, we can handle every step in the entire process.


We realise that separating in a foreign country can expose you to unfamiliar laws and cultural differences. We can explain the reality of your case in simple terms, transforming the hazy into the crystal clear.


Expatriate divorce cases can be highly complex, with common factors including the likes of international tax matters and intricate business interests. If necessary, we will use appropriate third parties, such as forensic accountants, translators and expert family lawyers overseas, to assist in your case..


If child relocation/abduction is a concern, we can take steps to attempt to ensure that they can’t be moved without your consent or, if this has already taken place, are safely returned.

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UK Expat Living Overseas

If you’re a British national who married overseas — or married in the UK before migrating — you might assume that you can only divorce in your country of marriage. In reality, many couples have more options, with countries’ legal and cultural differences offering opportunities, or hurdles, that warrant astute guidance. We can simplify those options.

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Foreign National Living in the UK

As a foreign national living in the UK, it’s perfectly natural to have urgent questions about expatriate divorce. Lowry Legal’s international solicitors have expertise across even the most complex divorce scenarios, making us perfectly placed to help you address the likes of jurisdiction, financial settlements, child arrangements, and much more. 

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What to Expect From Lowry Legal

Lowry Legal’s specialism in challenging separations makes us perfectly placed to provide guidance with expatriate divorce. Whether you’re a British national living overseas or have settled in the UK from abroad, you could be wondering which legal systems are available to you – and if they recognise any agreements you might previously have made. These challenges demand astute guidance and a sensitive touch to address correctly.

We realise that, because your family set up is unique to you, only bespoke guidance can fully illustrate your options. We devote ourselves to understanding the intricacies of your scenario, before using our expertise to adopt the most suitable strategy. This proactive approach enables us to clarify such tricky topics as jurisdiction, domiciliary status, variations in legal principles, and cultural nuances.

An established member of the Legal 500, we can bring in skilled third parties — such as translators, overseas lawyers; forensic accountants and international tax experts — when appropriate. This comprehensive range of in-house solutions provides all the support you need to find the right path for your situation.

Our Values

Lowry Legal’s expatriate divorce specialists embody the values that have built our reputation as an authority in family law.



Expatriate divorce cases can be much more complex than domestic separations. Rather than bombarding you with tricky concepts, we’ll explain the basics of your situation in clear, simple terms.



Lowry Legal offers a 360 degree service that can address every feature of your divorce. If your case would benefit from the knowledge of third parties, we’ll source the very best candidates. 


People First

The tried and true might sound like a reliable strategy but it can also ignore the distinctiveness of your relationship. No two relationships are identical, so we treat you as an individual.


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