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Lowry Legal’s child abduction solicitors specialise in high net worth cases. We can resolve even the most challenging situations, both in the UK and abroad.

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When a child is taken by a parent without consent it can be a traumatic experience. If you think that your child has been relocated without your permission, either in the UK or overseas, it’s important to speak with child abduction solicitors quickly. The longer you delay, the more complex the situation might become.

In relationships where significant wealth is a factor, it’s also increasingly common for one party to be unfairly accused of taking and retaining a child abroad without the consent of the other parent. If this is happening to you, the consequences can be extremely serious. Again, time is of the essence, so seeking advice from established international child abduction solicitors should be your first priority.

As a holistic law firm with a speciality in acting for high net worth families, Lowry Legal are perfectly placed to help, whatever the circumstances. Our skilled team specialises in getting results, with discretion guaranteed.

How Lowry Legal can Help


Lowry Legal’s child abduction solicitors will hold a consultation to understand the details of your case, before collecting evidence to support your position. Using international agreements such as the Hague Convention, we can look to ensure that your child is quickly returned to their country of permanent residence.


Depending on the urgency of your circumstances, we can file court applications in England and Wales to address visitation rights, or emergency orders to seize passports and prevent relocation. We can also assist if you have brought your child to the UK and the other parent is applying for their return.


Wherever realistic we will prioritise negotiation and mediation to address your case. If this is not practical, we can issue court proceedings to prevent any further developments.


Throughout the process, we will focus on the child’s best interests and work to protect their welfare. Child abduction and relocation cases can be both traumatic and legally complex, requiring experienced child abduction lawyers to navigate effectively.

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    Lowry Legal’s International Child Abduction Solicitors Can Help

    If a child has been taken without your consent, it’s important to seek immediate guidance from specialist child abduction lawyers. Lowry Legal will act decisively to ensure that the relevant authorities can act quickly to try and find and return your child as quickly as possible.

    In domestic cases, our established team can apply to the courts to have your child returned safely. If the abduction involves foreign jurisdictions, we can use our experience and extensive overseas contacts to make an international application. Alternatively, if you’ve been unfairly accused of child abduction, we’ll do whatever it takes to resolve the situation with a minimum of fuss.

    While these cases can be extremely stressful, reliable legal representation can make the difference. For sensitive assistance from results-oriented professionals get in touch today.


    Expert Advice on Child Relocation From Lowry Legal

    Are you a divorcing parent seeking a fresh start in a new environment? Whilst your freedom to move around the UK isn’t automatically restricted, child relocation does become complex when one party hasn’t agreed to it. And the situation can become even more emotive when the person with parental responsibility wants to move overseas.

    Lowry Legal’s child relocation lawyers have extensive experience across a broad range of domestic and international scenarios. We are perfectly placed to provide guidance to parents wishing to relocate, as well as those seeking to prevent child relocation without consent. Ultimately, we’ll consider your situation from every possible angle before deciding the most suitable route to a positive outcome.

    We understand that your children’s welfare is your number one priority, so we will always handle your situation with sensitivity and transparency at all times. To speak to one of our solicitors, contact us today.

    Our Values

    Lowry Legal’s international child abduction solicitors work towards the values that define our rapidly-emerging firm. These values are:



    Our child abduction lawyers understand that your case might be complex and challenging to navigate. To make things easier, we use straightforward language and avoid legal jargon at all times.



    We use external specialists whenever appropriate. This means that our skilled child abduction solicitors can utilise experts in counselling, immigration, translation, and more, when necessary.


    People First

    You’re much more than just a case number to our expert child abduction solicitors. We’ll consider every eventuality in order to devise the right strategy for your goals and challenges.


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