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If your relationship has broken down, Lowry Legal’s experienced civil partnership dissolution solicitors can help. We specialise in helping clients to protect or obtain their fair share of the family pot.

Your Trusted Civil Partnership Dissolution Lawyers

The end of a relationship often raises tricky questions that need to be resolved before everyone can move forward. Civil unions are essentially the same as traditional marriages, with the most challenging aspects being the welfare of children, living arrangements, and reaching a suitable financial settlement.

When high net worth assets are involved, reaching agreements over such valuable assets as businesses and property portfolios can complicate matters even further. If you are determined to protect your best interests — or ensure that you receive your fair share — it’s essential to obtain advice from experienced civil partnership dissolution lawyers.

Lowry Legal is a well-established boutique law firm with a track record for helping clients to secure a favourable outcome. Our talented team offers astute guidance that helps to explain your circumstances and make the most of the options at your disposal.

How Lowry Legal Can Help


Lowry Legal’s civil partnership dissolution solicitors will hold a consultation to understand the details of your case, before collecting evidence to support your position. We will help you to file all of the necessary documentation to ensure that everything is completed accurately and efficiently.


We will assist with the acknowledgement of service following the petition for dissolution being served. In the rare instances of an application being contested, will provide relevant advice to resolve any roadblocks.


Our experience in helping couples to dissolve civil partnerships has shown that collaboration is often key to a timely separation. As a result, we will prioritise a more amicable approach wherever possible to make the process as stress-free as possible. We even have an accredited mediator who can bring both sides together to address more complex issues.


Lowry legal’s civil partnership dissolution lawyers will guide you through the various stages of the process. These include the Conditional Order and the Final Order. Throughout the process, we will focus on your best interests at all times.

Obtaining the dissolution can be both stressful and legally complex, requiring experienced lawyers to navigate effectively.

Bespoke Solutions From Civil Partnership Dissolution Solicitors

The end of a relationship can quickly take its toll emotionally. When significant wealth is a major characteristic, it’s essential to obtain guidance from a law firm that can effectively balance the need for sensitivity with a firm focus on addressing the various practicalities.

Lowry Legal’s civil partnership dissolution lawyers understand that every relationship is completely unique. As a result, we specialise in taking stock of your biggest challenges and most important objectives to create a tailored strategy that works for you. Our partners have experience in high profile cases and offer a discreet service that aims to get to the crux of your situation and secure your objectives as collaboratively as possible.

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Our Values

Our civil partnership dissolution solicitors all work within the set of values that have helped to establish Lowry Legal as the experts in family law. Those values are: :



Our skilled civil partnership dissolution solicitors understand that a separation can seem daunting. We’ll help by cutting out the jargon and discussing your options in clear, simple language.



Lowry Legal uses external specialists if your case demands it. We have an experienced in-house mediator and can bring in counsellors, tax experts and more when needed.


People First

Our civil partnership dissolution lawyers will consider all aspects of your case before choosing a considered approach. Adapting to you is one of the things we do best.


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