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Lowry Legal are specialist divorce and family lawyers in Manchester working exclusively on complex high value cases.

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High value family law and divorce cases can be extremely complex. There may be international elements involved or assets could be tied up in elaborate financial structures which need to be unravelled. Whatever the situation, it’s important to work with a law firm capable of delivering a swift and satisfactory conclusion. That’s why you need Lowry Legal.

From the division of business and personal assets to sorting nuptial agreements or child arrangements, our family and divorce solicitors in Manchester have the expertise required.

Our comprehensive and tailored approach has often been crucial in securing a positive result for clients, helping us cultivate a reputation for excellence. No matter if you’re a public figure, entrepreneur, or other high net worth individual, we’re here to help.

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    Where You’ll Find Us

    Lowry Legal is proud to be based in the centre of Manchester. Located in the Spinningfields area, we’re happy to welcome you to our headquarters if you’d prefer a face-to-face meeting. Contact us today to find out more.

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    How Our Manchester Divorce Solicitors can Help

    Our divorce and family lawyers in Manchester represent individuals looking to preserve their business and financial interests, alongside those wanting to secure their fair share. Exclusively working with wealthy individuals and families, our team is adept at handling cases involving hidden assets, complex trust arrangements, international elements, and private companies.

    No matter if you’re initiating a divorce case or responding to one, we have the expertise you need to deliver a positive outcome. We can even help you reopen old cases if new information comes to light.


    Divorce and Family Law Services in Manchester

    Whether you’re currently going through divorce, or are looking to safeguard your financial future with a pre or postnuptial agreement, you can rely on us to work in your best interests.

    Lowry Legal is proud to offer a full range of divorce and family law services, including:

    Our Approach to Family Law & Divorce Cases

    High value divorce and family law cases can be extremely stressful and complex. Proactive and robust legal advice is crucial to achieving a swift and satisfactory resolution. We believe in providing an open and honest service which outlines your options and recommends a solution tailored to your circumstances.

    Our family law and divorce solicitors in Manchester recognise that court action can be costly and time-consuming. This is why we always try to resolve matters amicably through mediation at the first opportunity. If this is not possible, we are tenacious in pursuit of a positive result.

    From start to finish, our holistic service provides you with tailor-made support you can rely upon.


    Our Values

    Whether you’re negotiating a high value divorce or wish to finalise child arrangements, Lowry Legal is here to help. Our family law and divorce lawyers in Manchester operate according to a strict set of values which we believe are instrumental in securing a positive result for clients.



    We don’t believe in bombarding you with complex legal jargon. Our team provides you with straightforward and honest legal advice.



    Working with external experts such as tax professionals and accountants enables us to deliver a 360 degree service to cover all eventualities.


    People First

    By taking the time to understand your circumstances, we can develop a bespoke strategy designed to achieve your desired goals.

    Why You Should Work with Lowry Legal

    If you’re from a high net worth background, you’ll likely value innovation and determination. That’s exactly what you get with Lowry Legal. Our no-nonsense, results-driven approach to legal advice is designed to get the job done, without any hassle.

    Our family law and divorce solicitors in Manchester work tirelessly to achieve the outcome our clients deserve. We have the right balance between calm and tenacious, being thorough yet agile, so we can provide a holistic service which is tailored to your needs.

    With our support and guidance, we can help you make sense of even the most complex of situations and give you the tools you need to plan for a brighter future.

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    Whatever the situation, our specialist high value divorce and family lawyers in Manchester are here to help. Get in touch with our team today to find out more.

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