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Seeking a calmer route through your divorce or separation? Our skilled collaborative law solicitors specialise in this form of dispute resolution. By embracing the collaborative approach, you can establish a more constructive framework to navigate not only your immediate separation, but also life post-divorce.

The Benefits of a Collaborative Lawyer

The end of a relationship is widely seen as one of life’s most challenging events. For some couples it can feel like lingering disputes over child arrangements and finances are so deep-rooted that a lengthy wait for a court hearing might be the only outcome. However, there are more effective approaches that could reduce the anxiety, timescales, and costs involved in separation.

Lowry Legal’s collaborative law solicitors understand that bringing all parties together will often result in a more open and relaxed dialogue. As with mediation, this form of dispute resolution aims to give all sides an opportunity to talk calmly about what matters, reducing tensions and minimising the likelihood of litigation. Our trained collaborative lawyer will work with you to focus on the bigger picture and find answers to the most pressing issues. These techniques not only benefit both parties during the separation process, but can also be useful in the years to come.

Our experience in high net worth relationships means we have assisted clients with even the most complex circumstances. With our guidance, you can look forward to a more effective process and a brighter future.

How Lowry Legal can Help


Ahead of the first session, your collaborative lawyer will explain how the meetings work. Your objectives will be used to set agendas throughout the process. You can also bring other external parties, such as financial advisers, into the meetings if necessary.


Your respective collaborative law solicitors will ask you and your former partner to commit to the process by signing an agreement.


Meetings will be highly structured and all parties will have the opportunity to discuss their objectives and concerns. When it comes to finances, information may be requested for subsequent meetings.


Typically, there are between two and four meetings in total. Any agreements made along the way are signed by all parties, forming the basis of a consent order. You are not restricted to a number of sessions; you can have as many as it takes to reach an agreement.

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    What to Expect From Lowry Legal’s Collaborative Law Solicitors

    Lowry Legal understands that a sensitive approach is often the surest route to a simpler divorce or dissolution. Our trained collaborative law solicitors will support you throughout the process, while offering astute guidance that aims to secure your objectives. Although the collaborative strategy might not be suitable for everyone, we promote this approach for any couples looking for alternative ways to resolve their dispute.

    Ultimately, we realise that no two relationships are the same. Therefore we will treat you as an individual who has unique goals and highly personal challenges. Whatever the goals, your collaborative lawyer will take the time to adopt a strategy that negotiates even the most complex circumstances and secures your long-term objectives.

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    Our Values

    Lowry Legal’s collaborative law solicitors embody the values that have established us as a highly-regarded member of the Legal 500. Values which include:



    It’s essential to us that you are aware of the challenges ahead and options at your disposal. Your collaborative lawyer will avoid legal jargon to ensure that every stage of your journey is clear.



    Your collaborative lawyer can bring in specialist external third parties if it will benefit your case. This assistance commonly includes counsellors, tax experts, financial advisers, and mediators.


    People First

    Our collaborative law approach allows us to know that your goals and challenges are unique to you. For this reason, we reject the one-size-fits-all and focus on a bespoke strategy.


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    Lowry Legal is an authority in the arena of high net worth family law. Therefore, our collaborative law solicitors are well-versed in handling even the most complex relationships. Learn more about the history of our firm and how we can help you.

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