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In these fast-changing times, it’s increasingly common for people to live together without a formal agreement. This could prove to be risky if the relationship breaks down. Lowry Legal’s cohabitation lawyers can help you to set out what happens if things change, or a dispute arises.

Our Cohabitation Advice Services

Whether you’re looking to formalise a living arrangement in writing, or need advice about a dispute, it’s essential to find experienced cohabitation lawyers. Lowry Legal specialises in relationships involving significant wealth, offering cohabitation advice that can address even the most challenging scenarios. Here are the services we offer:

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Cohabitation Agreements

Many couples assume that they share the same rights as people who have either married or formed a civil union. Some only realise that this is not the case when the relationship changes. Our cohabitation solicitors can help you to create, or amend, an agreement, ensuring that your interests are protected.

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Cohabitation Disputes

When an informal living arrangement becomes strained, the situation can quickly become challenging for all parties. Lowry Legal’s cohabitation lawyers specialise in high net worth relationships, so we’re perfectly placed to offer guidance that can resolve your dispute and help you move forward.

Plan For the Future with Our Cohabitation Lawyers

It’s become increasingly common for unmarried couples to share a home together and split bills in a way that suits both parties. While this type of informal arrangement can work well, there are some notable risks. The main drawback of this approach is that, should the relationship become strained or break down, neither person would be guaranteed the same security as a married couple or those in a civil partnership. This can lead to complex — and costly— disputes down the line.

Lowry Legal’s cohabitation solicitors can help you to formalise an agreement that clearly explains the likes of home ownership, personal debts, and contributions. This kind of arrangement offers improved clarity and extra peace of mind for the future. If you’re already embroiled in a dispute, we can help you to establish ownership and simplify your options.

Our skilled team is experienced in highly complex, high net worth relationships. This means we’re perfectly placed to provide the guidance you need, when you need it.

How Lowry Legal can Help


Lowry Legal’s cohabitation solicitors can help you to formalise an agreement that clearly details home ownership and ongoing contributions. This will help to clarify what happens if you both choose to go your separate ways in the future.


If you are going through a dispute, our cohabitation solicitors can get to the bottom of the legal ownership of your property. If you are struggling to communicate with the other party, we can help you to establish a more collaborative — and effective — platform to resolve issues.

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    Cohabitation Advice Tailored to Your Relationship

    Every cohabiting couple has its own priorities for inclusion in their agreement. For some, home ownership is most important, while those with families are more likely to be concerned with what happens to children should the relationship break down. Lowry Legal understands that there isn’t a single solution, so our cohabitation solicitors will turn your personal objectives into practical goals.

    When disputes happen over living arrangements, this can lead to extremely stressful conversations. Our skilled team excels at bringing couples together in a more collaborative way, helping them overcome any barriers and move forward. To find out more about how our cohabitation advice could help you, get in touch today.

    Our Values

    Lowry Legal has become an established member of the Legal 500 by establishing a set of values that underpin everything we do. Our talented team of cohabitation lawyers display these principles each and every day. To make sure that we offer the most reliable cohabitation advice possible, we are:



    From talking openly about fees to using plain language that makes cohabitation advice easy to digest, transparency is an essential feature of our service.



    Our cohabitation solicitors are ideally placed to provide the guidance you need. If things get more complicated, they can use external specialists to offer valuable assistance.


    People First

    Lowry Legal’s cohabitation lawyers only use the tried and tested when it’s likely to secure results. Our approach will always be dictated by your circumstances.


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    Headquartered in Manchester but supporting clients throughout England and Wales, Lowry Legal is a family law specialist with experience of especially complex, high net worth cases. This means that we are just as comfortable providing cohabitation advice as we are in other areas of domestic law, including divorce and separation, nuptial agreements, and much more. If you’re looking for a holistic firm that can get to the heart of your situation and secure a positive result, we’re ready to help.

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