Cohabitation Disputes

Learn how Lowry Legal can help you with any cohabitation property disputes.

About High Net Worth Cohabitation Disputes

Choosing to live with your partner before marriage or civil partnership has become increasingly common. However, some couples are unaware of their lack of legal protection in the event of disagreements over shared property.

Cohabitation property disputes can be very difficult situations to unravel — especially when significant wealth is a factor. In many cases, considerable historical evidence may need to be gathered to establish ownership.

Lowry Legal can help to simplify cohabitation issues and clearly explain your options. As specialist family lawyers, we have a track record of finding the best approach for our clients.

How Lowry Legal Can Help with Cohabitation Issues


The first step with property disputes is to help you determine and understand how you legally own your property. This may be as a joint tenant or as a tenant in common.


One of our priorities will be to work through cohabitation issues and guide you towards a settlement with your co-owner as smoothly and efficiently as possible.


We can also help you establish guidelines and boundaries with a prospective co-owner when you are purchasing a property by way of a cohabitation agreement.

How Lowry Legal Tackles Cohabitation Issues

Lowry Legal approaches cohabitation legal issues with professionalism, empathy, and a strong understanding of the potential complexities surrounding cohabitation rights. Our specialism in high net worth cases means that we are experienced in challenging scenarios requiring a sensitive and practical strategy. Our solicitors will look to employ a collaborative mindset with property disputes between cohabiting couples, as this is often the best way to minimise conflict.

An emerging boutique law firm, we offer extensive support, and can draw upon the expertise of external mediators and counsellors to help tackle your case. For further advice about how our talented team can help with cohabitation disputes, get in touch today.

Our Values

Lowry Legal approaches cohabitation legal issues by focusing on fair outcomes, while also keeping conflict and stress at a minimum. An experienced team, we work within set principles to protect your best interests. Our values are:



Transparency is vital to us. If you are experiencing cohabitation legal issues, we’ll offer simple guidance in clear, understandable terms. We avoid jargon and want you to understand your options.



Cohabitation disputes can be complicated. Our highly skilled team provides a 360 degree service that works in conjunction with other external experts to address any problems that might arise.


People First

No two Cohabitation legal issues are the same. Our solicitors treat each client as unique, with specific goals and challenges. We offer innovative solutions tailored to your needs.

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Cohabitation disputes are often very complex and stressful situations for all parties concerned. No matter what the circumstances of your dispute might be, Lowry Legal will put your best interests at the heart of our approach. Find out more about us here.

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