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Find out how the Lowry Legal’s team of divorce and separation lawyers can help make the process as smooth as possible.

About Divorce & Separation

Going through a divorce or separation can be incredibly complex and stressful. This is true for both same and opposite sex relationships. 

Cases are often multifaceted and can include things like family trusts and businesses, or an international element. By regularly representing business owners, entrepreneurs, high-profile individuals and professionals, we have extensive experience in dealing with even the most complicated of scenarios. 

When dealing with such circumstances, you need to rely on specialist divorce and separation lawyers who can handle everything with ease. You need to work with Lowry Legal.

Divorce Procedure


When you speak to Lowry Legal’s divorce and separation lawyers about your circumstances, whether it be a same or opposite sex divorce or dissolution of your civil partnership, we will ensure that your journey is as smooth as possible. There will be no legal jargon, unless you ask for it.


We will take you through the divorce process and you can then decide whether you want us to deal with all the documentation on your behalf, or you would prefer to handle it yourself using our guidance. The legal process and logistics of obtaining a divorce has been simplified substantially by the creation of a portal with the courts. We can show you how to use it, or take care of it for you — whatever works best for you.


You may also have seen that “no fault divorce” is now available. This came into force in April 2022 and has simplified the process even more. You will still need your marriage certificate (or a certified copy of it) and you will also need to pay a fee, but the whole process can be done online, without pointing the finger of blame. Additionally, couples can apply jointly if they wish. There is also a reflection period of 20 weeks built into the process to encourage partners to settle issues around their finances and arrangements for children if practical within this timeframe. 

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    Why Work With Our Divorce and Separation Lawyers

    As a leading family law firm, Lowry Legal’s divorce and separation lawyers specialise in complex high net worth cases. Our experience of intricate financial arrangements and asset division makes us perfectly placed to assist with even the most difficult scenarios. We also understand the unique challenges that come with significant wealth and strive to devise tailored strategies that can protect your best interests.

    When it comes to navigating divorce and separation, our lawyers will harness their expertise to provide comprehensive support, sensitive guidance, and skilled representation. Contact us today to discover how our talented solicitors can help you.


    Our Values

    Whether you are expecting an amicable ending to your relationship or something more difficult, Lowry Legal can offer trustworthy guidance and support. Our divorce and separation lawyers all work within the values that set us apart from other law firms. These are:



    Transparency is essential to us. Our experienced divorce and separation lawyers offer straightforward guidance in clear, understandable terms. We avoid jargon so you understand your options.



    Family law cases can be complex. Our divorce and separation lawyers provide a 360 degree service working in collaboration with other experts to address all issues which may arise.


    People First

    Every family law case is unique. Our divorce and separation lawyers treat each client as an individual, with specific goals and challenges. We offer creative solutions tailored to your situation.


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    No matter the complexities or circumstances involved, Lowry Legal’s divorce and separation lawyers have the expertise to deal with your situation. Learn more about our backstory and values, and why you can rely on us to assist.

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