Foreign Marriage Divorce in UK

If you’ve come to England and Wales from abroad, understanding your legal rights regarding separation may be challenging. Lowry Legal can simplify even the most complex cases of foreign marriage divorce in the UK.

Foreign Marriage Divorce in the UK Explained

The end of a significant relationship is usually an emotional period of time. If you were married in another country and are now separating in the UK, coming to terms with an unfamiliar legal system might add to these difficulties. In some circumstances, you might even need to overcome additional difficulties such as the language barrier to obtain the help you need.

Furthermore, every relationship contains its own unique set of questions. These range from wondering if divorce in the UK is a possibility if you were married overseas, to contemplating what happens regarding child care and financial arrangements. Because the answers to these questions will vary from one relationship to another, it’s important to obtain legal advice from an established firm that specialises in international divorce.

Over the years, Lowry Legal has helped countless families come to terms with the intricacies of foreign marriage divorce in the UK. We can answer your most pressing questions, offer insights into where you could apply to get divorced, and uncover which jurisdictions best serve your goals. Everything we do is intended to simplify your options and provide reliable guidance that stands you in good stead for the future.

How Lowry Legal can Help


The most urgent matter regarding foreign marriage divorce in the UK is that of jurisdiction. There are strict criteria for people intending to divorce in England and Wales, so we’ll tell you which, if any, category best applies to you.


It may be possible for you to get a divorce in your country, in the UK or elsewhere. If this is the case, we’ll determine which legal system is most suitable to your objectives and act decisively to give you the best chance of having your case heard in that country.


If you intend to divorce in England and Wales, all paperwork will need to be completed in English. We will ensure that all necessary documentation is submitted correctly and on time and that you fully understand everything involved.


If child arrangements are required we can help you to reach agreements as quickly as possible. We work within the collaborative approach, which can reduce the timescales — and costs — involved.

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Lowry Legal: Leaders with Foreign Marriage Divorce in the UK

When it comes to foreign marriage divorce in the UK, it’s essential to work with a law firm that has experience of working with overseas’ clients. Specialists in international divorce, Lowry Legal has provided guidance on a global scale. Because your separation is likely to have higher stakes, we’ll approach it with an eye on the bigger picture to ensure that our strategies perfectly complement your goals.

From the outset, we’ll make sure that your best interests are at the heart of our approach. This often means considering the long-term benefits of mediation and collaboration, but it doesn’t stop there. Ultimately, we’ll make sure that you get all the support you need, be that an external tax expert, translator, counsellor, or financial adviser.

A progressive firm, we provide sensitivity and practicality, while also being acutely aware that results speak for themselves. We want you to feel comfortable and informed at all times during the separation process, as we work towards securing your goals and helping you to move on with total assurance.

Our Values

At Lowry Legal we pride ourselves on being a progressive, modern law firm. To maintain our high standards, everything we do stems from our set of values. Here are just a few of them:



Whether we’re talking about our fees or arranging a translator to assist with your divorce, we’re committed to being open and honest. We want you to be in the know at all times.



We offer a truly joined-up service that can always meet your biggest needs. If your divorce would benefit from the skills of a specialist third party, we’ll make sure you get what you need.


People First

Foreign marriage divorce in the UK is a complex area that has more than one reliable strategy. Because your relationship is pretty unique, we’ll create a bespoke approach for your needs.

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