Divorce in UAE

For British expats living abroad, the end of a marriage or civil union could lead to significant questions about how to secure a fair separation. If you’re considering the option of divorce in the UAE over the UK, it’s critical to obtain legal advice from a firm that understands the possible impact of cultural and religious differences.

Divorce in the UAE Explained

If you are considering divorce in the UAE, which has separate Emirates that may all interpret your case in different ways, you could be forgiven for wondering exactly where to start. These regional variances are further complicated by the Law of Civil Transactions, which means that Muslim and non-Muslim relationships could be approached in different ways. It’s crucial to understand how these subtle differences could affect your separation well in advance of taking action.

Divorce in the UAE could also mean negotiating the rules of Islamic jurisprudence (fiqh) and, for family matters, attending a hearing with the Guidance Committee. An alternative solution may be to file for divorce in the courts of England and Wales, as they could be more conducive to your objectives. Selecting the right jurisdiction is essential for ensuring your case is heard in the most suitable legal system, so being able to make an informed decision is crucial. 

Lowry Legal’s family solicitors have considerable expertise around the area of divorce in the UAE. Well-versed in high net worth relationships, we can simplify the whole process, advise on jurisdiction, and achieve the goals that matter most to you.

How Lowry Legal can Help


When you separate in the UAE, it’s essential to quickly establish the most suitable jurisdiction for your separation. This will be our initial priority, laying the groundwork for everything that follows.


If you choose to divorce in the UAE, we can provide initial advice about the applicable Law of Civil Transactions, interpretations of Federal Law, working with the Family Guidance Committee, etc, before referring you to a selection of recognised lawyers in that jurisdiction to take over.


If the divorce is filed in the jurisdiction of England and Wales, we’ll submit your application. If your spouse is based overseas, we’ll make sure that divorce documents are appropriate for the laws of that country.


People who separate in the UAE often own businesses and/or have intricate tax obligations. We can enlist third party specialists to ensure that you have a clear picture of what is at stake.


If your spouse has taken children without your consent, we can take steps to ensure that they are returned safely.

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Lowry Legal’s Approach to Divorce in the UAE

At Lowry Legal, we understand that collaboration is often the best way to minimise the common hallmarks of hostile separations — stress and expense. If it’s possible to lower the temperature and adopt a more reflective mindset, this is something that we firmly encourage. However, if it’s not possible, we can instead work robustly to boost your chances of a successful outcome.

Our impressive track record in complex, high net worth separations has helped to cement our reputation as an authority in highly challenging circumstances. Divorce in the UAE can be extremely complex, requiring decisive action and a detailed understanding of overseas legal systems. We’ll pay close attention to your particular case to ensure that every decision made is in keeping with your situation.

With Lowry Legal by your side, you can rest assured that the right outcome is the only target and that your goals come first throughout.

Our Values

Separation and Divorce in the UAE demands an expert touch. At Lowry Legal we maintain our high standards by sticking to our core values. Here are a small selection



Our passion for transparency informs everything we do. From talking openly about fees to discussing your options in simple terms, you’ll always understand the road ahead.



Everything we do is intended to serve your needs. We know that clients prefer a streamlined process that addresses their main concerns, and our in-house solutions do just that.


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The same-old same old just isn’t good enough for us. You are completely unique, so we can employ innovative solutions tailored to your needs. This puts you firmly at the centre of our approach.

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