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Lowry Legal are specialist divorce and family lawyers in Chester working exclusively on high-value cases.

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High-value family law and divorce cases can be tricky to navigate. There may be complex financial structures involved, limited liability companies, and even multiple jurisdictions. Whatever your circumstances, you need to work with a legal team capable of delivering a swift and satisfactory resolution. You need to work with Lowry Legal.

From arranging nuptial or child arrangements to the division of business and personal assets, our family law and divorce solicitors in Chester have the skills you need to succeed.

Our comprehensive and focused approach has often been integral in securing a positive result for clients, helping us garner a reputation for excellence. No matter if you’re a public figure, entrepreneur, or other high-value individual, we’re here to help.

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    If you’re looking for specialist family law and divorce solicitors in Chester and would prefer a face-to-face consultation, we have office availability courtesy of our parent company Excello Law. Contact us today to book an appointment.

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    How Our Chester Divorce Lawyers can Help

    Whatever side of a dispute you’re on, Lowry Legal is here to help. Exclusively representing high-value individuals and their families, we assist those looking to protect their business and personal assets alongside those wanting to secure their fair share. We are adept at handling situations involving hidden assets, complex financial structures, trust arrangements, and international elements.

    No matter if you are initiating a case or responding to one, our divorce and family lawyers in Chester have the expertise you need to achieve your desired results. We can even help with reopening a closed case if new information is discovered.

    Our Divorce & Family Law Services in Chester

    We’re proud to offer a holistic service which is tailored to your unique circumstances. Our team also works alongside third-party experts such as tax specialists and mediators to provide a 360 degree approach to divorce and family law cases.

    Our Approach to Family Law & Divorce Cases

    No two high-value family and divorce situations are ever the same. This is why we take the time to understand your unique circumstances and devise a tailored strategy designed to deliver your desired results with as little hassle as possible.

    Our family law and divorce solicitors in Chester understand that going to court can be time-consuming and expensive, which is why we work to secure an amicable resolution wherever possible. If it isn’t, we will tenaciously defend your interests.

    From beginning to end, our 360 degree service provides you with bespoke legal support you can rely upon.


    Our Values

    Whether you’re working through a high-value divorce or looking to sort child arrangements, our team is here to help. Our divorce and family solicitors in Chester all work according to a strict set of values which govern everything we do. We believe these are instrumental in securing a positive result.



    There’s no complicated jargon with us, just a straightforward and honest service that gets the job done with minimal amounts of fuss.



    Working in conjunction with third-party experts such as accountants and tax specialists, we deliver a 360 degree service.


    People First

    By understanding your goals, we develop a comprehensive and tailored strategy designed to deliver your desired outcome.

    Why You Should Work with Lowry Legal

    If you’re a high net worth individual you’ll want to be sure you obtain legal advice which understands the complexities of your situation. Not only should your representation be results-driven, but it also needs to be proactive and tenacious. This is where Lowry Legal excels.

    No matter if your case involves complex financial arrangements, private companies, hidden assets, or spans multiple jurisdictions, our holistic service is geared towards achieving a satisfactory resolution. Thanks to our winning approach to legal advice, you can rely on our family and divorce solicitors in Chester to get the job done.

    With our advice, we’ll help you navigate through your situation and plan for a brighter future.

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