Child Arrangements

Learn how Lowry Legal’s specialist team of family lawyers can help you create child arrangements that work for your family.

About Child Arrangements

The end of a marriage, civil partnership or other form of relationship can be incredibly stressful for all involved. It is also extremely impactful on children.

That’s why it is essential to obtain specialist family law advice at your earliest opportunity. Lowry Legal’s child arrangements solicitors will help you come to an arrangement and deal with your situation with the sensitivity and compassion it needs, while also being ready to guide you through the court process if necessary.

With years of experience in dealing with every kind of family structure, we’re perfectly placed to assist. Whether it’s helping families that have an international element, or specialising in creating modern and alternative families, you can rely on us.

How Lowry Legal can Help


Whenever there is a breakdown of a family unit, issues surrounding the children need to be handled sensitively. This might mean sorting out how much time each parent will spend with the children after they separate, what school the children will go to, and what medical treatment they will receive.


Most of the time we can guide you to reach an agreement, but sometimes it will need to go to court for a decision. If this happens, we can approach this sensitive and at times stressful situation with compassion, and help you remain completely focused on your children throughout the process.


These days, it is very common for families to have a base in another country. This can sometimes lead to disputes over where the children will live, or whether one parent can take the children to visit family members abroad. If this is an issue for you, we can assist you with reaching an amicable solution, or help you bring such a disagreement before the court.


Occasionally, issues arise about how much money a parent should pay towards a child’s upbringing if the parents weren’t married such as where the child will live, be educated, or how their special needs might be taken care of. If you or your ex partner are not able to agree, we can bring these specialist cases before the court for consideration. These are applications brought under Schedule One of the Children Act 1989.


Lowry Legal has a real specialism in helping couples create new and modern families, by assisting intended parents with both domestic and international surrogacy. If you or your partner are considering different ways to expand your family, we can help.

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    About Lowry Legal’s Child Arrangements Solicitors

    Lowry Legal’s child arrangements solicitors specialise in offering guidance for complex cases. We understand that the breakdown in a relationship can make discussions about children difficult, so we offer a sensitive approach that prioritises the whole family unit. We also know that collaboration is often the most successful strategy, so will prioritise an amicable approach wherever realistic.

    We offer a tailored service and can rely on assistance from mediators and counsellors to encourage open dialogue. If you’re looking for reliable support and experienced representation, our skilled child arrangements solicitors are ready to help.

    Our Values

    All of Lowry Legal’s child arrangements solicitors employ the values that have made us one of the UK’s emerging family law firms. Those values are:



    Transparency is essential to us. Our  child arrangements solicitors offer clear guidance in practical terms. We always avoid jargon to ensure you understand your options.



    Family law cases can be complex. Our child arrangements solicitors provide a 360 degree service working in collaboration with other experts to address all issues which may arise.


    People First

    Every family law case is unique. Our child arrangements solicitors treat each client as an individual, with specific goals and challenges. We offer creative solutions for your situation.


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