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Whether you need to make lasting child arrangements during divorce, or are seeking guidance around surrogacy, Lowry Legal’s child law solicitors can help you towards a positive resolution.

Services Our Child Law Solicitors Offer

Your Lowry Legal child law solicitor can provide valuable assistance across a wide range of circumstances. Our services include:


Making child arrangements is often one of the most difficult aspects of any separation. Our child law solicitors will prioritise a sensitive approach that puts the welfare of your family unit first.


Surrogacy is often an intricate and complex area of law. Our child law solicitors have earned a reputation for guiding clients through the intricate application process. We’re ready to help you today.

Child Abduction

When children are relocated without a parent’s consent — or there is an unfounded accusation — it can be extremely stressful. Our team can work across borders to ensure a positive resolution.

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The Holistic Child Law Solicitors

Attempting to make lasting child arrangements or negotiate surrogacy can seem daunting. Ultimately, the rights of children often lead into contentious and complicated areas of law.

Lowry Legal’s child law solicitors have expertise across a number of essential childrens’ services. A member of the Legal 500, we always aim to establish the least stressful strategy for your goals. This sensitive approach to your biggest challenges is underscored by the desire for results above all.

How Lowry Legal Can Help


Making child arrangements is often one of the most challenging aspects in the breakdown of a relationship. A Lowry Legal child law solicitor will ensure that the welfare of the family unit is paramount. Although we aim to avoid the expense and stress of the courts, we will work tirelessly on your behalf if this becomes inevitable. Whether you’re haggling over financial contributions or your family has international bases, we have the experience to help.


When a child is relocated without consent, this can be an incredibly worrying development. Lowry Legal’s child law solicitors will put the wellbeing of your children first, aiming to ensure their safe return as quickly and calmly as possible.


Surrogacy is an intricate area of law that can be further complicated when overseas arrangements are involved. Lowry Legal has extensive experience of both domestic and international surrogacy. We offer tailored advice that can help you to overcome any obstacles and work towards the end goal of a binding consent order. Your child law solicitor will guide you through the complex application process and take care of every crucial detail.

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    What to Expect From a Lowry Legal Child Law Solicitor

    Lowry Legal is an established law firm with demonstrable experience in high net worth relationships. We understand that collaboration is often instrumental in bringing people together and reducing the time and stress involved in family disputes.

    Every relationship is unique, so we take the time to understand your goals before devising the best strategy for you. We pride ourselves on not only getting results but adopting a sensitive plan of action that puts your needs first.

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    Our Values

    Lowry Legal’s child law solicitors work within the core principles that have established us as a leading voice in the legal sector. Our values are a fundamental part of what sets us apart from other law firms. We are proud to be:



    We don‘t want our clients to get bogged down in legal jargon and uncertainty. That’s why your child law solicitor will talk to you in clear, simple language.



    You need a child law solicitor who can cover every base. Alongside a highly regarded in-house mediator, we can use third party experts when necessary.


    People First

    When you work with us, we make sure that your needs are prioritised throughout. Everything we do is tailored to finding solutions that work for you.


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    An established member of the Legal 500, Lowry Legal’s child law solicitors provide lasting solutions for the most complex high net worth relationships. We’re perfectly placed to help you tackle even the most challenging circumstances, from complex divorce and separation to surrogacy matters, and beyond.

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