Surrogacy Arrangements

Lowry Legal’s expert surrogacy solicitors can simplify even the most complex arrangements.

About Surrogacy Arrangements

The law surrounding surrogacy is often a highly complex area that can be further complicated when the surrogacy arrangements have international dimensions.

One of the biggest challenges for international surrogacy arrangements is that, although such agreements are not illegal in England and Wales, nor are formal surrogacy agreements if entered into outside of the UK. They are not legally binding or enforceable under English law should the intended parent(s) experience any difficulties once the child is born through surrogacy. Because of this, it’s important to receive tailored advice from experienced surrogacy solicitors about the steps required to acquire a parental order.

At Lowry Legal, we have a comprehensive track record of helping high net worth clients with both domestic and international surrogacy cases. We understand the potential pitfalls of surrogacy arrangements so we will set out your options with clarity and detail. You’re in safe hands with us.

How Our Surrogacy Legal Advice Can Help


Receive comprehensive legal advice and assistance from an overseas lawyer if there is a surrogacy arrangement involving a foreign jurisdiction. Additionally, we will ensure that you receive any necessary immigration advice.


Get to grips with the complicated court application process that intended parent(s) will have to make here in England upon returning from overseas, as well as all subsequent steps that they will need to take in order to acquire a parental order to ensure that their legal parentage of a child(ren) born through surrogacy is recognised under English Law Completing these steps will extinguish the legal parentage of your surrogate.


We will help you to change the birth certificate once you have acquired legal parentage of any child(ren) born through surrogacy. This will ensure that, as the intended parent(s), you are accurately represented as the legal parent(s) — and not the surrogate.

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    Trusted Advice From Lowry Legal’s Surrogacy Solicitors

    The steps towards having a baby through surrogacy can be emotional and legally complex. Things can get even more complicated when an overseas element is part of the process. If you’re starting on your journey towards a parental order, everything can be made much easier with sensitive yet pragmatic surrogacy legal advice.

    Lowry Legal can help to resolve any challenges or obstructions that might arise with surrogacy arrangements, while also offering assistance with documentation. We specialise in offering straightforward advice and a strategy that works towards your goals. Our surrogacy solicitors have secured positive outcomes for many intended parent(s), and are ready to help you today.

    Our Values

    Lowry Legal’s talented team of surrogacy solicitors all work within the core values that define our firm. Those values are:



    Our solicitors understand the importance of being clear when talking about complex surrogacy arrangements. We avoid jargon and talk about fees to help you manage the budget.



    Aside from surrogacy legal advice, we provide a 360 degree service that can include other specialisms. This means we can offer help from medical specialists, counsellors, and more.


    People First

    No two relationships are ever the same. That’s why it’s important to use surrogacy solicitors who will treat you as an individual and offer creative solutions geared around your case.

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    Surrogacy arrangements often involve a complex process that requires careful consideration. If you’re contemplating having a child through a surrogacy arrangement it’s important to take specialist legal advice from recognised surrogacy solicitors. Lowry Legal works across the whole spectrum of high net worth family law and will work tirelessly to ensure a positive outcome for you and your family.

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