Managing Partner Katie McCann comments on the changing nature of gender representation, working patterns, and diversity in the legal sector in City A.M.

Katie’s comments were published in City A.M. on 8 March 2024, and can be found here.

“The legal profession has traditionally been a male dominated arena. This in my view is really changing. With more awareness around the needs of the modern family and the role both parents have to play in that, issues such as childcare and school drop offs are now not seen as the sole domain of the mother. So firms are therefore offering more flexible working hours, more remote working and more accommodating working to ensure that routes to partnership are open to everyone.

“At Lowry Legal we actively promote this healthy balance. 75% of our partners are currently female, with 50% having young families. We also proudly represent the LGBTQ and disabled communities in our partnership. Supporting such diversity can only bring positivity into a workplace and in actual fact is just reflective of our place in the modern legal landscape.”