Finances After Separation

Learn more about how Lowry Legal can assist you with managing your finances after a separation.

Dealing with Finances After Separation

Deciding what to do with your finances after separation can feel like a minefield at times. This is especially true if there are complicated financial structures involved such as trusts. 

Pragmatic and sensible in our approach, Lowry Legal are specialists at dealing with all areas of finance and family law, no matter the circumstances. 

Always believing in providing creative solutions for our clients, whether it be calling in an accountant, wealth manager, tax adviser or other professional. Getting the right answer for you is paramount.

How Lowry Legal can Help


At Lowry Legal, we will break down the myths and dispel any fears that go along with sorting your finances when you separate. There are so many ways to try and reach an amicable and fair agreement with your ex partner that don’t involve going to court. We will explain everything to you, so you can choose the option that fits you the best.


Don’t worry, even if you and your ex partner have been able to reach an agreement between yourselves, we can help you put the formalities in place. This will allow your agreements to be approved by a court.


If you do have to go to court to sort things out, we are incredibly experienced and can guide you through the whole process to help you achieve the best possible result.

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