Divorce & Separation

Find out how the Lowry Legal team can help make divorce and separation as smooth as possible.

About Divorce & Separation

Going through a divorce or separation can be incredibly complex and stressful. This is true for both same and opposite sex relationships.

Cases are often multifaceted and can include things like family trusts and businesses, or an international element. By regularly representing business owners, entrepreneurs, high-profile individuals and professionals, we have extensive experience in dealing with even the most complicated of scenarios.

When dealing with such circumstances, you need to rely on a specialist lawyer that can handle everything with ease. You need to work with Lowry Legal.

Divorce Procedure


When you come to Lowry Legal about your divorce, whether it be a same or opposite sex divorce or dissolution of your civil partnership, we will ensure that your journey is as smooth as it possibly can be. There will be no legal jargon, unless you ask for it!


We will take you through the divorce process and you can then decide whether you want us to deal with all the documentation on your behalf, or you would prefer to handle it yourself using our guidance. The legal process and logistics of obtaining a divorce has been simplified substantially by the creation of a portal with the courts. We can show you how to use it, or take care of it for you, whatever works best for you.


We will run through with you what you will need to show if you want to get a divorce. You may have heard that at the moment you need to prove one of five facts; adultery, unreasonable behaviour, two years’ separation with the consent of the other party, five years of separation, or that your spouse has left without a trace.


You may also have seen that a “no fault divorce” will soon be available in April 2022, which will simplify the process even more. Once that happens, we will update our website and no doubt upload some video content which you can access to understand things more. You’ll also need to make sure that you get your marriage certificate or a certified copy ready, as well as the court fees, to get your petition off the ground.

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